Satya Nadella Tells the Reason Why Windows 10 Upgrade is Free (And More)



In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about the company’s future plans in depth. In the interview, he covered topics like the future of Windows Phone, Microsoft’s Universal Windows app platform, and the future of Windows 10.

Talking to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Satya Nadella went in-depth about his Window Phone strategy. It should be noted that Microsoft recently announced 7,800 layoffs from its phone division. This step made people wonder about the uncertain future of Windows Phone. While Microsoft makes about 95 percent Windows Phone devices in the market, this step would mean that there would be lesser Windows 10 devices in future. This means lesser inspiration for app developers to develop Windows Phone apps- which means the ultimate demise of Windows Phone platform. Right?

Well, Satya Nadella disagrees. Instead of taking the highway, Microsoft is choosing to make a genuinely new market for Windows Phones. Microsoft doesn’t aim to go one-on-one with iPhone and Android devices; it wants Windows Phone to become an extension of the desktop. Nadella says:

The free upgrade for Windows 10 is meant to improve our phone position.

What exactly does that mean? The answer to this question lies in the meaning of Microsoft’s Universal app. By making Windows 10 free, Microsoft wants to attract more and more Windows users and – app developers. He explains the situation as:

If you come to Windows, you are going to be on the phone, too.

He stressed on the fact that Windows 10 doesn’t fit in the old definition of operating system, it’s much more than that. Windows 10 will be on every device, and it wants to be relevant in the future just like any other company. To do that, Microsoft is following the path of innovation by making products like HoloLens, Xbox, Band, Surface Hub, and Continuum. He stresses more on Continuum calling it something any other phone OS can’t do.

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To grab more share in the phone market, Microsoft decided to change its directions slightly. It doesn’t want to launch one Windows Phone device every alternate day, it doesn’t want to flood every price segment. Nadella says that they are going to focus on Windows Phone devices that can actually capture some market share.

Apart from Windows 10 devices and universal apps, Nadella elaborated his strategy of launching homegrown apps of Microsoft to other platforms like iOS and Android. He says frankly that the “very explicit goal of the company” is to be present on every platform. With Office 365, Skype, Outlook, Wunderlist, Sunrise, OneDrive and other apps, the company is already keeping itself busy.

Today, Satya Nadella is the busiest person on the planet. He doesn’t want Microsoft to replicate Windows 10 for desktops and Windows 10 for phones, he wants a single OS to realize Microsoft’s dream of “One Microsoft.” He says:

We don’t have Chrome versus Android. We are Windows, from Raspberry Pi to HoloLens.

Via ZDNet

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