New SanDisk Extreme 400GB Is The World’s Fastest microSD Card

sandisk extreme microsd world's fastest

As our portable electronic devices keep getting sophisticated and more capable of performing complex tasks, the data storage needs. Take the case of new Samsung Galaxy S9 which records Super Slow-Mo videos at 960 FPS. There, you need a storage unit that writes data at ultra-fast speed.

At Mobile World Congress 2018, SanDisk released the world’s fastest UHS-I flash memory card. The new 400GB SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC card is about 50% faster than the existing UHS-I microSD cards from the company itself.

To be precise, the new card boasts read speeds up to 160MB/s. The write speed is comparatively slower as 90MB/s. SanDisk says that it has been made possible with the help of Western Digital’s proprietary technology. This high-speed becomes more crucial in today’s times due to 4K/8K video recordings on cameras and drones.

SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 400 GB card will allow the apps to launch and load apps at super-fast speed, thanks to the support for the new A2 specification. This specification was introduced to deal with app installations in memory cards in a better manner. The microSD card also features a durable body, which allows it to be safe from x-ray, water, dust, and shock hazards.

As per the official press release, at MWC, Western Digital is also showcasing its PCIe-enabled SD card as the future of flash memory cards.

In case you’re wondering about the price, the world’s fastest microSD card costs $300.

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