Samsung’s High, Files Patent With Apple Watch Design


apple-vs-samsung-watchShort Bytes: Samsung has repeated its history of xeroxing apple products. This time, it’s the iWatch-like wearable device Samsung has used in its latest patent application to depict the working of a detachable band strap design.

Samsung filed a patent for a smartwatch with a detachable strap. Detachable band straps are already there. So, what’s the big deal? Their new smartwatch looks like the Apple’s iWatch. Now, that’s a big deal.

Samsung is not eyeing another patent war with Apple, hopefully, they aren’t. Because, the last time when they did it, they had to suffer for it. A California court had ordered Samsung to pay 548 million dollars.

Image: USPTO

The smartwatch in the patent is referred as “Wearable Devices”, not an iWatch. The photos in the patent application are used to describe a way of attaching a band strap to “wearable devices that are provided to be put on a user’s body”.

“But the doppelganger drawings in the patent application suggest that Samsung engineers have at the very least drawn inspiration from Apple’s smartwatch,” writes the Business Insider.

The patent application also includes other watch designs in addition to this one. Why Samsung went for the iWatch-like illustration? It’s a billion dollar company. They could’ve hired someone for the task.

via Business Insider

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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