Samsung’s Foldable Phone Spotted In Leaked Promo [Watch Here]

Samsung foldable phone
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Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone has created a buzz in the tech town for quite some time. The company has also shown off the foldable display phone in November at its developer conference.

However, it was covered by a chunky case to hide the actual phone design at the event. But a video teaser posted by Samsung Vietnam gave us a glimpse of what the purported phone could look like.

It seems the video was posted accidentally as it was taken down soon, but in the age of the internet, mistakes committed online cannot be erased completely.

The teaser video above is actually a promotional ad for Samsung which shows a number of futuristic devices, including the foldable phone.

While the phone seems to be an inward folding device with a front-facing screen and opens up into a tablet, it is essentially the same design we saw at the event, minus the chunky casing.

But here is the most important question — is this the final version of Samsung’s folding smartphone or just another a concept render of the device?

We will have to wait till February 20 for concrete details but in my opinion, the actual device may look a bit different.

I think that the official model, rumored to be named as the Galaxy F, won’t be this slim and would probably have a smaller front display along with larger bezels. And just like any other concept video, the device shown in this one could also be an exaggeration.

What are your views on Samsung’s foldable phone? Leave your comments below.

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