Samsung Announces One UI Software: How To Join The Beta Program?


Apart from unveiling the much-awaited folding phone at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018, the company announced a new software called One UI.  Samsung has introduced One UI with the aim of bringing minimalistic interface that will let you “focus at the task on hand.”

Generally, smartphone screens contain an overwhelming number of options and information that can make things complicated for many users. One UI will address this issue through a refreshed design that will bring a minimalist aesthetic to draw user’s eyes “to what matters.”

To match the overall design of the screen, icons will get rounded corners and a new concept of “Focus Blocks” that will highlight the necessary options and information. Smartphones these days tend to be huge in size which makes it difficult for the thumb to reach the options placed at the corners.

Samsung’s One UI will treat the upper half of the screen as “viewing area” where messages and other info would be displayed. The bottom half would be the “interaction area” where users can see controls for settings and other options for texting, calling, etc.

It will move things like Share buttons to the lower half of the screen where it’s easier for the thumb to reach. While the specific details on what else is changing aren’t available just yet, but Samsung says the revamped UI will declutter your screen to help you “reach what you want” along with “content and features at your fingertips.”

Samsung also revealed a Night Mode feature which uses a black background for easier reading in the dark — just like Google’s UI for the Pixel Stand. One UI can also color-match the hardware meaning if you have a lilac Galaxy Note 9, you could change the theme color to make it an all-purple phone.

How To join the Beta Program for One UI?

Based on the glimpses shown by Samsung, the new home screen definitely looks much cleaner. We could see the launch of One UI in phones next years. For now, interested users can join the Beta Program for One UI to enjoy these features firsthand.

  • Download the Samsung Members app from Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps
  • Log in and go to Notices
  • Select “One UI Beta Program Registration”
  • Submit the application
  • After signing up, go to Settings and then Update Software
  • Select the Download Updates Manually option.

This will allow the software to update and load the beta version. But please note that the beta program is currently available in China, France, Germany, India, Poland, South Korea, Spain, UK, and USA only.

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