Samsung Display Will Supply iPhone 14 OLED Panels

Samsung will start delivering these displays in the third quarter.

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Samsung Display provided AMOLED displays for the iPhone 13 last year. It came with HDR capabilities and high peak brightness for better outdoor visibility. So it looks like Samsung Display will supply Apple with OLED displays for the new iPhone 14 coming this fall.

According to reports, it is estimated that 80 million units of OLEDs will be used for iPhone 14. The company collaborates with Duskan NeoLux and Samsung SDI to mass-produce these displays.

Samsung Display will provide 80 million OLEDs to Apple

Samsung Display Will Supply iPhone 14 Panels
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Samsung display has been a long-time supplier to Apple which is now the world’s largest smartphone maker. The relationship started back in 2017 when Samsung display started supplying OLED panels for the first AMOLED iPhone (iPhone X) ever.

However, Samsung will collaborate with different companies to meet the supply-demand of 80 million units from Apple. According to ETNews Samsung will supply 80 million panels for all iPhone 14 models. Since they are scheduled to release globally in the second half of 2022; mass production and delivery of displays will begin in the third quarter of this year.

Firstly, the iPhone 14 will be released with 4 models including two standards and two Pro models. Sizes for the OLED panels will be 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 14 lineup. However, the configuration might vary between the standard and Pro models. The LTPO thin-film-based OLEDs will provide excellent power efficiency in the upcoming smartphones.

A possibility was being raised that BOE has been listed as Apple’s OLED panel supplier. However, it will be excluded from the OLED supplier due to some design change problems. Since Samsung has always met the technological and quality standards when it comes to manufacturing displays for Apple; It is likely for it to replace BOE for Apple.

Apple is reportedly testing E-Ink displays for the long-rumored foldable iPhone, possibly coming in the future. Will Apple continue to use Samsung’s displays? Or manufacture their own panels in the future? Comment your thoughts down below.

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