Forget 5G! Samsung Has Started Working On 6G Network Already


While we are still waiting to get our hands on the 5G network and finally use it, Samsung has a farsighted vision and has therefore started with the research work of the next-generation 6G network.

The South Korean tech company has opened a standalone division for the same, known as the Advanced Communications Research Center under Samsung Research, situated in southern Seoul.

A Samsung official said, “The current team on telecommunications technology standards has been expanded to start leading research on the 6G network.”

In order to go about the whole research project, Samsung has also employed more people for its telecommunications team.

The company, via its website, has confirmed that discussions on 6G and its needs are taking place in countries such as Europe, China, and the United States, with the first research projects already in its starting phase.

As 5G is still not fully commercialized and it is suggested that it will take another year to do so, we can’t really tell what the 6G network will be like, as its official appearance is still a distant thing in the tech world.

Nonetheless, we will continue to hear about 6G and will keep you posted on further updates.

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Vanshika Malhotra

Vanshika Malhotra

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