Samsung Showcases Its New Multi-Foldable Device

Are you excited for new multi-foldable smartphones?


Samsung is still experimenting with its foldable displays on different devices. Even with its current line-up of foldable phones such as Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, they are still trying new things. As per Slashgear, it seems that Samsung is working on a new multi-foldable smartphone prototype. The company has showcased the prototype at IMID 2021, which stands for International Meeting for Information Displays.

The video shows that Samsung goes above and beyond with its foldable technology and builds a smartphone that folds three times. The company had previously teased the initial concept at SID 2021. However, the device was just a mock-up and wasn’t supposed to work. Considering the time between then and now, it’s impressive how the company has made a working prototype in a short amount of time.

When will Samsung release its Multi-Foldable Smartphone?

Samsung has termed the technology “multi-foldable” and refers to the Samsung Flex In & Out prototype. It is most likely just a placeholder name and not the one we will see when the real product launches. However, it doesn’t seem that we will get to see the product in the hands of the consumers just yet. It will likely be years before it becomes a fully commercial product.

This news came when the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 performed 2.7 times better in sales than the Galaxy Note 20. This indicates that the future of Samsung’s foldable smartphones looks bright. But they can only reach their true potential when they become more affordable and easy to use. If we are lucky, we might see another tease at CES 2022. With the full reveal being at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event next year.

Other Samsung Products Teased

Aside from the multi-foldable prototype, Samsung also showcased a Galaxy Z Fold3 like display capable of operating at negative-4 degrees Fahrenheit without deformation. They also showed a new AI Speaker with a 12.4-inch Flexible OLED panel. This product seems reminiscent of Samsung’s rollable display, which was seen back in 2016. However, this product seems like a more practical application compared to that. It won’t be surprising to see the final product launch next year.

Nalin Rawat

Nalin Rawat

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