Samsung Says Goodbye To Papers At 11,000 Service Centers

A move towards becoming more environment friendly.

Samsung Service Center
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Samsung revealed in an announcement that its 11,000 service centers across 180 countries will incorporate a globally integrated system, replacing the old ‘paper documents.’ It is a part of the company’s efforts to integrate sustainable practices.

Samsung is a household name with its commitment to high-quality products, it has garnered a loyal fan base for itself. This is why Samsung Electronics has decided to implement a ‘Paper-free’ system in its centers across the globe.

Samsung’s global integrated customer service

Playing its role in preserving the environment, Samsung has introduced its new customer service system, from orthodox paper documents to electronic documentation sent through email or message.

The company has also introduced the Global Service Partner Network (GSPN), a modified and upgraded version of the old global service system to support this change. The GSPN will help send customers electronic documentation about the services they will receive.

Image Credit: Samsung

Customers will also benefit from this, as they will gain easy access to information about the services while simultaneously contributing to protecting the environment.

At first, 11,000 service centers will adopt the system, but Samsung doesn’t plan to stop there. Its goal is to replace all office work documents with electronic substitutes eventually.

Samsung’s contribution to eco-friendly practices

Head of the Global CS Center at Samsung Electronics, Hyeongnam Kim, said that Samsung is constantly trying to offer services that make matters convenient for customers and are sustainable at the same time.

‘’With a focus on sustainable management, we are putting carbon reduction, resource circulation, and ecosystem restoration at the forefront of what we do as a leading global company to protect the environment,’’ he added.

As Samsung is a big corporation having offices across the globe, we can expect this to have a big positive impact on the cause. With this initiative, Samsung has estimated that it will save 6 million liters of water annually, and carbon emissions will be reduced by 526 tons.

Many major tech companies, like Lenovo and Apple, etc., have also been working to be as environment-friendly as they can be. This step by Samsung deserves praise, and we can hope that other corporations will follow the path that it is paving and shift to eco-friendly practices.



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