Samsung Galaxy S22 Range Depreciates 3 Times More Than iPhone 13: Report

Samsung Galaxy S22's value drops like crazy in just two months!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Range Depreciates 3 Times More Than iPhone 13: Report
Image: Samsung

A recent study reveals that Samsung’s flagship smartphone loses more than half of its value in just two months. Despite being the most expensive phone lineup, it ends up losing up to 58% percent of its market value.

Even the Google Pixel retains more value than a two-month-old Samsung Galaxy S22. iPhone 13 is the least depreciating smartphone lineup. It doesn’t even lose a quarter of its original value after two months.

What do the reports say about Samsung Galaxy S22?

SellCell is an online platform to facilitate the trade of tech products including smartphones. It conducted a study to find out which phones lose maximum value after a couple of months from the date of release. SellCell divided the reselling smartphones into two categories; Good and Like New.

Samsung S22 lineup showcased a jaw-dropping loss in value in just two months. The latest flagship series lost 51.1% value in the Good category and lost 46.8% value in the Like New category. Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G (128GB) witnessed the most depreciation by far with 57.5% (Good) and 53.8% (Like New).

Samsung Galaxy S22
Image: SellCell

The runner-up in the worst resale value smartphones is the Google Pixel 6 range. The numbers stood at 43.5% and 41.5% for the Good and Like New categories respectively. In the Pixel 6 lineup, the Pixel 6 Pro emerged as the worst performer with 47.9% in Good and 45.7% in the Like New category. Pixel 6 Pro lost $475 worth of its value since its launch.

iPhone depreciates the least

While Samsung and Pixel phones lose almost half of their value, iPhone 13 lineup doesn’t depreciate that fast. As per the SellCell report, the average depreciation for the iPhone 13 lineup is 19.1% and 16.4% in the Good and Like New categories. iPhone Mini is the worst performer in the iPhone 13 lineup while the iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) is the brand’s best performer.

The SellCell study gives an idea of what you can expect after you invest in a flagship smartphone in 2022. Certainly, Apple devices depreciate the least but it is surprising to see Samsung’s flagship phones take such a plunge in resale value.

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