You Can Get Your Samsung Phone Display Repaired In $50 For Limited Time

Repair your Samsung Phone in just $50

Samsung Phone Display
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Samsung is a household name; the company excels in everything from TVs to smartphones. Incorporating state-of-the-art innovations in its devices, the tech giant stays on top of the trends and goes head-to-head with its competitors.

While many people give Apple an edge over Samsung, a vast majority also rate the latter over the former. Due to its high-quality gadgets, it garnered a loyal fan base, which the company is committed to serving at the top of its abilities.

Samsung’s $50 screen repairs

The company’s dedication to customers can also be seen from the newest facility it has rolled out, under which Samsung Galaxy users can get their cracked display fixed for as little as $50.

Holders of Samsung Galaxy smartphones can fix their broken screens for a very small price. The rate will be effective from 27th June 2022, and the amenity is only available in the United States.


As good as it sounds, this does come with a catch. First and foremost, a handful of devices are eligible for this change. These devices are Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or newer models, Samsung Galaxy A smartphone, and the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone S9 or fresher models.

This shows that none of Samsung’s recent foldable smartphones are eligible for the $50 screen replacement.

Another restriction is that you can’t just walk into a store and ask for a replacement. Instead, you have to mail your device to Samsung’s repair center directly, meaning you will have to live without your smartphone for a few days, which many people find difficult in modern times.

Customers need to have a Samsung Account made, and only one repair is allowed per user. You’d think that if you’re going through the trouble of mailing your phone to the company, they would be generous enough to fix damage to back panel glass, cameras, ports, buttons, or other parts, but that is not the case.

Samsung will only cover a damaged display and display glass, and the condition is that area around the display joining the frame bezel should not have dents or deep scratches around the edge of the device, and there should be no bend on the frame.

Samsung’s discount could be dismissed without notifying users and will only be available for as long as the supply lasts. Hence, if you are eligible for the repair, why not try it out yourself!



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