Samsung Takes A Dig At Apple For Not Having Flippable iPhones

Hey Apple, when will you launch a foldable phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Is Doing Good, But Not As Good As Fold3
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Samsung and Apple have a long history of mocking each other. This year, Samsung has been on a roll with crazy tweets, infographics, and promotional videos highlighting the supremacy of the Galaxy phones. The latest addition to that roster is an animated ad that is gaining traction on Weibo.

The ad imitates the seats of a football stadium where phones watch the match instead of real people. During the goal score, the flippable phones (obviously from Samsung) create a cheering wave to support the teams. But unlike the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4, which has a clamshell design and can bend easily, non-flip phones struggle to participate in the wave. A disappointed emoji appears on the screens of the non-flippable phones.

Samsung’s Weibo post also has the caption, “A game without waves is not a complete carnival. It’s time to fold together!” This is more than a direct hint to companies that don’t have a folding phone. FYI, Samsung has them, Oppo has them, Huawei has them, Motorola and Xiaomi also have foldable phones, but Apple seems to be way behind that trend. While some brands already have a third or fourth version of flip phones, Apple hasn’t even officially announced one.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
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Samsung also launched a series of Flip 4 promotional videos about jumping the fence, saying that the “grass was greener on Samsung’s side.” Similarly, one ad mocked that the seemingly new features coming to the latest were already on the Samsung phone and even foldable phones.

Why doesn’t Apple give a reply to Samsung for good?

You may wonder why Apple, a company that invests billions into R&D, doesn’t come up with a foldable phone with similar or better specs and shuts Samsung’s trolling for good. But Apple has a history of not jumping early on any trend, and it is the same with foldable devices. Moreover, the revenue slump and hiring freeze in the tech space means that companies are cutting down on extravagant projects and focusing on those which make more money.

Apple is also being strong-armed by the EU into opening doors for third-party app stores, adding chargers, USB Type-C ports, and more. All these problems make it more difficult for Apple to launch a foldable phone abruptly, but as per recent patent filings, the company is looking for

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