Samsung Launches Its Google Wallet Rival “Samsung Wallet”

Apparently it does everything that google wallet does!

Samsung Launches Its Google Wallet Rival Samsung Wallet
Image Credit: Samsung

It’s been a long time since Samsung stepped into the payments game; however, earlier today, the company announced that it’s launching the Samsung wallet. It will enable users to store digital keyboard passes and identification cards all in one place. Galaxy users will now have a single easy-to-use and secure mobile application for all this functionality.

The company claims that the Samsung wallet is highly secure and is protected by defense-grade security from Samsung KNOX. It even takes advantage of the open Galaxy ecosystem via integrating with the Samsung blockchain wallet so that users can easily monitor cryptocurrencies and SmartThings to unlock doors.

What purpose does Samsung Wallet serve?

Samsung Launches Its Google Wallet Rival Samsung Wallet
Image Credit: Samsung

However, earlier this year, the mobile wallet was teased at the manufacturer’s unpacked event. According to Samsung newsroom it is only now; that Galaxy users in the United States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom can open Samsung pay or Samsung pass apps to migrate to the new app.

The device, however, should be an eligible Samsung pay-enabled Galaxy Phone running Android 9 by or later. The company is dedicated and committed to expanding the capabilities of the Samsung wallet by closely working with trusted partners and developers.

Samsung Wallet will provide users with quicker access to payment card loyalty and membership cards. It also includes Samsung pass functionality that securely stores passwords and stores users’ biometric data to log in to apps.

As mentioned earlier, you can store important documentation such as official IDs, driver’s licenses, and even your covid-19 vaccination. Samsung Wallet works as a digital automobile key on select BMW, Genesis, and Hyundai cars. You can use it to lock and unlock your car’s start engine and much more.

Samsung’s partnership with Korean Air also allows storing boarding passes in the Samsung wallet. However, the availability of many of the above features may vary depending on your region and what Galaxy device you are using. The company has not yet gone into detail about its support on different devices.

Along with immense functionality and Knox security, you expect a lot from it. How do you feel about Samsung making Google’s rival app? will you use it? Comment down below.

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