Samsung & IBM New Chips Could Give Week-Long Battery Life To Phones

samsung new chip

Samsung and IBM have just announced their latest advancement in semiconductor chip design. The new chip design could enable cell phone batteries to last a week on a single charge. The new chip design offers twice an improvement in performance or an 85 percent reduction in energy use.

The new design is called Vertical Transport Field Effect Transistors or VTFET for short. It is meant to succeed the current FinFET technology used in today’s most advanced semiconductor chips. The new design includes stacking transistors vertically instead of lying on the chip. This will allow current to flow up and down the stack of transistors instead of side-to-side.

Samsung and IBM are making big claims about the new chip design and some ambitious possible use cases. According to companies, the new VTFET design is capable of many things such as;

  • Less energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining
  • Less energy-intensive data encryption
  • More powerful IoT devices
  • Applicable ocean buoys, spacecraft, and autonomous vehicles.

Intel is also working on a similar design called RibbonFET, the company’s successor to FinFET. But production of these chips will only start in 2024. The company is also working on its new line of 7nm and 5nm chips coming in the future.

Earlier this year, IBM showed off its 2nm chip that uses the current FinFET technology. All of these companies are helping to keep Moore’s law steadily increasing transistor counts alive.

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