Afraid Of Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Exploding? Here’s How Samsung Wants You To Store It

The blame falls on you!

Samsung phone with swollen battery
Image: Mrwhosetheboss

Samsung doesn’t want to be remembered as a brand that literally ‘explodes’. A couple of weeks ago, Mrwhosetheboss released a surprising video on his channel where he showcased the battery swelling problem in Samsung smartphones. The internet soon responded with similar incidents and experiences, thereby establishing it as a widespread problem.

Samsung didn’t clarify anything when Mrwhosetheboss asked and waited for 50+ days, but now it has a potential solution for you. There is a dedicated webpage titled ‘Long-lasting Battery Care & Maintenance’ on its official site. It explains the potential reasons behind the battery swelling problem and how to keep your devices safe.

Samsung Battery Swelling problem solved?

Samsung makes it extremely clear in the first sentence that the phones are designed to perform best at 32° – 95°F (0° – 35°C). However, many regions experience temperatures below zero and above 35°C. The company advises you to refrain from operating or charging at extreme temperatures because it can result in faster battery degradation and battery swelling issue.

But if you take the case of Mrwhosetheboss and countless other YouTubers, you will find that they treat their devices with care. Mrwhosetheboss has a custom rack designed for all his smartphones, but only the Samsung phone bloated over time. Publishing disclaimers is one thing, but a smartphone manufactured in recent years must be able to withstand slightly extreme temperatures.

Samsung Battery Swelling
Image: WordPress

The webpage further describes the correct way to charge and treat your phone. Following in Apple’s footsteps, Samsung now doesn’t offer chargers in the box for premium smartphones. In addition, it advises only using Samsung chargers (which they could easily supply with the phone). So, in a nutshell, it wants you to stay away from third-party stuff and use only official accessories.

According to Samsung, you should charge the unused device once every 3 to 6 months. Clearly, it is all up to you to keep your devices safe. Newer Samsung phones seem to be somewhat secure from this battery problem.

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