Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Will Pack A Bigger Battery: Report

More juice for the flip.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will have a bigger battery than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip3. As per the Samsung-focused Dutch website Galaxy Club, the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip4 will boast a slightly higher-capacity sub-battery than last year’s model.

Samsung foldables use two batteries because of the foldable form factor. It helps them keep the company maintain battery capacity without trying to shrink the actual battery. So just like every other Samsung foldable Galaxy Z Flip (model number SM-F721) will feature two batteries: a sub battery and the main battery.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Battery

Don’t go with the name Sub-battery, It is larger than the main battery. Galaxy Club reports the capacity of the Z Flip4 sub-battery will be 2400mAh. In comparison with Z Flip3, it is 100mAh higher. The main battery capacity will remain unchanged at 903mAh.

If we count the capacity of both sub-battery and main battery it comes out to be 3303 mAh. Samsung could advertise it as 3400mAh (typical). It is a minor 100mAh improvement over the Z Flip3 which has 3203mAh (rated) and 3300mAh (typical) battery.

In percentage, it is only an increase of 3%. Needless to say , It will hardly make any difference in real-life usage. Samsung will have to improve the battery life of the Z Flip4 as everyone praises the Z Flip3 except its poor battery life. As the company use a more power-efficient chip and an LTPO display, we could get more backup from the bigger battery.

What are your thoughts about Samsung using a 100mAh bigger battery in the Z Flip4? Do you think it will make a significant difference in the battery life? Let us know in the comments.

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