Samsung Launches Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro: Should You Upgrade?

Samsung skipped something really cool.

Galaxy Watch5 Hero

Samsung’s unpacked event was packed with new device releases like the Z Flip4 and Fold 4, two of which were wearables—the Galaxy Watch5 and the Watch5 Pro. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

In the end, let’s also find out if it’s worth upgrading to them if you already own a Galaxy Watch4 or Watch4 Classic.

Watch5 and 5 Pro Specifications

Watch5 and 5 Pro
Image: Samsung

As the previous rumors suggested, the Watch5 has been launched for $279.99, and the Watch5 Pro comes at $449.99. One of the most significant improvements in this year’s Samsung Watches compared to Watch4 is the battery life, which many users have endlessly complained about.

The Watch5 will be available in two variants—40mm and 44mm. In contrast, the Pro arrives in only one variant, 45mm. Both are powered by the Exynos W920, the same SoC found in the Galaxy Watch4, alongside 1.5GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and Wear OS 3.0.

Samsung says the new temperature sensor and other sensors are now more efficient in the Watch5 and 5 Pro than in Watch4. One beloved feature that Watch5 doesn’t have, however, is the rotating bezel, which could be a deal-breaker for many. Thankfully, the same is present on the 5 Pro.

The battery capacity has increased by 13% in the 40mm and 44mm Watch5 (284 mAh and 410 mAh). Samsung claims that the Watch5 can last for 40 hours straight. Meanwhile, the Watch 5 Pro has a mammoth 590mAh battery that’s rated for 80 hours of usage. The charging speeds have also been improved drastically.

However, we’d like to ask you not to get too excited about the battery life because Samsung claimed great numbers during the Watch4 launch, but the battery life on the same, but the real-life numbers were nowhere close.

Should you upgrade from Watch4 to Galaxy Watch5?

The answer is no. While the Watch5 does bring some improvements, they’re only incremental. Not to mention, you’ll miss out on touch bezel, which, believe me, is really hard to live without once you get used to it.

Also, the Watch4 is now significantly cheaper than Watch5. Hence, it only makes sense to consider Watch4 over the Watch5.

But apart from that, Watch5 Pro could be a significant upgrade, but it costs way more for the things you’re getting, spending around $200-250 extra. Sure, it’s cutting-edge, but we’d suggest sticking to Watch4 if you have one.

Unless you’re tied into the Samsung Ecosystem, we suggest waiting for the Pixel Watch, which is supposed to come out this fall with hopefully a similar price tag to the Watch5.

If you think otherwise, do let us know why you’d consider the Watch5/5 Pro over the Watch4 in the comment section below.

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