Samsung Galaxy S10’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Can Be Fooled


It seems like all the security measures (in-display fingerprint scanning, 3D face unlock, and more) in our smartphones are not as secure as we think. A new report suggests that Samsung’s recent flagship, the Galaxy S10 can be easily fooled by a fake fingerprint.

A user (named Darkshark), via a post on, says that he was able to befool the Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S10 Plus.

It is suggested that the user took just 13 minutes to trick the smartphone. First, he took a photo of his fingerprint on a wineglass. Following this, he added a few tweaks to the image in Photoshop to create an Alpha mask and then transferred it to 3Ds Max to create a 3D version of it.

With the use of an AnyCubic Photon LCD resin printer, he printed a 3D print of the fingerprint, and after three attempts, he finally succeeded in unlocking the smartphone with the use of the 3D print of his fingerprint.

The post further suggests that the user is capable of faking fingerprints of multiple users in just three minutes, given the fingerprint is already there on the smartphone.

To recall, this is not the first time a smartphone has been duped; the iPhone X, when launched, could be unlocked by showing a 3D print mask. Additionally,  a user’s twin unlocked the iPhone X with ease.

The latest incident raises questions about how secure biometric authentication is these days, even when companies make high claims regarding their accuracy.

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