Samsung Didn’t Send Us A Galaxy Fold3, But Here’s A Review Roundup For You

The internet seems impressed with Samsung's latest shot at the foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 review roundup featured
Image: Samsung

Samsung just dropped the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G, and it is certainly the most complete foldable out there right now. While we didn’t get to play with the latest Samsung foldable, we’ve rounded up what others are saying about the device.

TL;DR The Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G initial impressions are majorly positive. The device is getting appreciation for the tighter and more robust form factor and software optimization. Samsung has also added an under-display selfie camera, making the Fold3 the first foldable phone with an under-display selfie camera. It has also received some criticism for the way it pairs with the new S Pen, but has no dedicated slot to hold it. All in all, it looks like Samsung finally got the foldable right with its third take.

Samsung Galaxy Fold3 Initial Impressions

Okay, so we may not have gotten our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold3, but the internet has. Here’s what some of the initial impressions say about Samsung’s latest take at the foldable.

MKBHD – ‘Little Well Put Together’

Well, this was also our first thought when we heard about the reinforced alloy build and the IPX8 rating on the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G. It is certainly a tighter, well-put-together foldable that looks complete. Marques’ first impressions tell us that the device has a sturdy build and good displays. This is possible because the cover, as well as the internal displays, are both 120Hz AMOLED panels.

On the downside, the selfie camera seems to be a let-down. While it is an under-display camera, which is fancy, MKBHD showed how it still has some fogging issues going on. The phone does resolve the issues with post-processing, but it is still far from perfect. Another issue is that you can’t use your standard stylus or pens with the Fold3. The device requires a special soft-tip pen, for which it offers no space to carry. Also, you’ll have to buy the pen separately.

MrWhosetheboss – ‘Identity Crisis’

Arun Maini has some great points about the Samsung Galaxy Fold3. His initial impressions also show that the phone has an impressive build and software now. However, there are certain shortcomings that Samsung needs to address. On the brighter side of things, Samsung Labs is the highlight of the Fold3. It lets you scale apps to fit a display size. So even non-optimized apps can be run at your desired aspect ratio.

Coming to the issues, the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 unfolds into a square, which means big black bars when you’re watching a movie. The cover display also has an unusually tall aspect ratio, which means you’ll either have to deal with the black bars or crop out a chunk of content. Arun also rightly points out how the Fold3 might face an identity crisis.

Priced above the flagship Samsung Galaxy S series and Note series, the phone seems to be somewhere in the middle of both. It has the big screen that Note users wanted, but no space for keeping the pen. It has high refresh rate displays but lacks the camera prowess of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Long story short, you’re paying more money for a foldable phone, because it is foldable. It seems fair, considering the premium materials and the fine engineering that goes into making a foldable. While the Fold may not have cameras as good as the S series, it has good cameras, along with flagship specifications.

Android Authority – ‘Not For The Faint Of Heart’

Android Authority’s initial impression of the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 says this about the foldability of the phone. The narrative of the completest foldable continues here as the website also praises the Fold3 for its premium build. In his article, Eric Zeman has also pointed out the $1,800 price tag of the Fold3 as a bit too much but wants to wait for the full review to reveal the device’s full worth.

XDA Developers – ‘A Durable Foldable’

Seems like Samsung has it going for them at least in terms of the hardware now. The Samsung Galaxy Fold3 seems to be a fully prepared foldable package. It has a great design, premium build, flagship specifications, and a unique character of its own. So much so that the XDA first impressions call it ‘impressive’.

Samsung Galaxy Fold3 Review Roundup

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 review roundup
Image: Samsung

While full reviews are yet to come, we can already say that the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 appears to be an impressive device. If you look at the specifications alone, it is an impressive phone on paper. Throw in Samsung’s dedication to make the perfect foldable, and you have a device that has most wrinkles ironed out.

Addressing wrinkles and creases, the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 still has a visible crease where the display folds. It’d be nitpicking at this time, but we think it’d be great if Samsung got rid of the crease before jumping to an under-display camera. The way Samsung has priced this, it looks like we’ll have to wait further for a more affordable foldable to recommend to the power users.

Everything considered the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 has finally done justice to the foldable phone market. It is a relatively new segment and Samsung has made its mark by refining its folding and flipping devices. A real-world test and long-term reviews will tell us better how the Fold3 will hold up in day-to-day usage. We will also get you a Samsung Galaxy Fold3 review roundup when the full reviews appear.

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