Samsung Planning To END Galaxy Note Series After Note 9: Report


Samsung’s Note 9 leaks have not been received enthusiastically by many users especially when the physical aspects are considered. The company has been accused of holding back on the latest technology which could improve the phone’s design to save on manufacturing costs.

Amidst Note 9 leaks, a report by Forbes, suggests that Samsung is thinking about ending Galaxy Note brand completely. Reasons behind this “sudden and unexpected cancellation” are considered as declining profitability because of smartphone saturation and delayed upgrade cycles. A Korean website going by the name of The Bell has also said that the South Korean company has been thinking about it for more than a year.

The final decision to end Galaxy note series largely depends on the success and customers’ response to the upcoming flagship Note 9. If the flagship fails to deliver in the market then it might mean that it would be the last phone of the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

It is possible that Galaxy Note Series would be merged with Galaxy S Series, but it’s just a speculation. The major difference between the two series is the S Pen which is the main attraction of the Note series.

There are several reasons why this unexpected cancellation might not be a good decision.

Firstly, Samsung might lose its customers who buy Galaxy Note smartphones only because of S Pen. If the OEM decides to introduce S Pen in the Galaxy S series then it is possible that users who do not use S Pen generally might opt out.

Secondly, Galaxy Note range has valiantly handled the stiff competition posed by Apple. Note variants have always been considered as the direct competitors for flagship iPhones.

Thirdly, Samsung has made it a trend to split features amongst the two series to see the response from customers. For example, while Samsung S8 got the bezel-less design first, Note 8 became the first smartphone from Samsung to feature dual cameras. This gives the company an edge over other manufacturers and helps it to see the response of features before including them in the next models.

Moreover, the difference between the release of flagships from the two series is 6 months, which is good from the users’ point of view. If a user is not satisfied with Galaxy S series, he/she can wait for the next 6 months for Galaxy Note Series.

The aftermaths of the decision can be massive. Do you think this would be the right decision? Do share your views and keep reading Fossbytes.

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