Samsung Could Launch Two More Foldable Smartphones Soon


Samsung recently unveiled its first foldable smartphone ‘Galaxy Fold‘ and it seems to be continuing on the foldable path with the launch of more foldable devices.

According to a report by The Bloomberg, Samsung’s two more foldable smartphones could be in the works, as suggested by sources familiar with the development.

While one foldable device is likely to adopt a flip phone design which will fold horizontally, the other device is speculated to fold outwards, much like the recent Huawei Mate X. Additionally, the smartphones are rumored to sport an in-display fingerprint scanner.

For those who don’t know, the current Samsung Galaxy Fold folds inwards, similar to the way a book folds.

The clamshell foldable smartphone is likely to come with an additional display (which might get removed as well) and could launch either in the second half of 2019 or early 2020.

However, other details regarding the new foldable smartphones are not yet known.

Furthermore, Samsung plans to improve the durability of its Galaxy Fold device by trying to get rid of the crease that appears when the device is folded with possible screen replacement programs.

It is further suggested that Samsung is likely to supply its foldable display tech to other companies such as Apple and Google, much like it does for its other displays.

However, we still don’t know how will users react to the new foldable smartphone concept and whether or not it will be a long-lasting segment.

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