Samsung Could Introduce A Bright Night Feature To Compete With Google’s Night Sight


Samsung is all geared up to unveil its new flagship — the Galaxy S10 for which the rumors are brimming. Fueling further anticipation, it is now rumored that Samsung’s own low-light photography camera feature could debut in the upcoming flagship.

According to a report by XDA Developers, a code found in Samsung’s new One UI beta version suggests that the competitor to Google’s Night Sight feature, most likely to be called Bright Night is expected to be introduced soon.

The rumored Bright Night feature would click multiple images in low-light which are rather dark and assemble them to form one single bright and detailed image. It is similar to the technology adopted by other OEMs to click bright photographs even in low light conditions.

To recall, Google is not the only company providing Night Sight feature to its Pixel smartphones; OnePlus also has a similar feature called the Nightscape feature, along with Xiaomi’s Night Scene feature meant to capture bright photos in low-light conditions.

Additionally, Huawei and Honor have their own similar feature, dubbed Night Mode and Super Bright Mode, respectively.

There is no confirmation about when the feature will be released. However, we are just two months away from the Samsung Galaxy S10. Therefore, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer company is expected to debut the feature in its upcoming flagship.

It is possible that the Bright Sight feature could be exclusive to S10 for a while. The strategy Samsung adopted with its Scene Optimizer feature on the Galaxy Note 9. The feature was later made available for S9 and S9+.

For more information, we need to wait until February (expected launch time) of the Galaxy S10. Therefore, stay tuned!

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