This New Samsung App Streams PC Games To Your Phone


The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were recently launched and one of the highlights was the PlayGalaxy Link app.

In the era of online game streaming, Samsung appears to have taken a different route. The new PlayGalaxy Link app lets you stream games from the PC to your Samsung phone.

Samsung has released the first beta of the PlayGalaxy Link which gives us the first look of what the app looks like and what it does.

The PlayGalaxy Link app can stream games from your PC to phone over your home’s wireless network and over 4G and 5G networks as well. That means you would be able to play PC games even while you’re on the go.

It comes with support for Bluetooth-enabled controllers and keyboards. You can also use the Wake on LAN feature to wake up your PC registered to your PlayGalaxy Link.

Further, Samsung has dedicated support for the Glap Controller in Galaxy phones to enhance the experience even further. These are Bluetooth-based controllers that can run up to 10 hours on a single charge and has an adjustable width up to 178mm.

How to use the PlayGalaxy Link app?

You need to download the PlayGalaxy Link app both on your Windows 10 PC, and on your phone. Right now, it only supports the Note 10 series but Samsung says it will add support for more devices in the coming days. Also, the phone should be running Android 9 or later version.

On your PC, the app automatically searches for installed games that can be streamed, but you can manually add games as well

Finally, to get things in action your computer needs to have the following specs:

  • CPU Intel Core i5 (or higher, No words on AMD CPU)
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 (or above), AMD Radeon 550 (or above)
  • RAM: DDR4 8GB
  • AP: Gigabit Router
  • Latest graphics driver installed.

Right now, PlayGalaxy Link is only available in the U.S and South Korea. In the coming days, it will land in more countries across the globe.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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