Samsung: “Don’t Install Windows 10 Because We Suck At Making Drivers”


WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE DONT SAYS SAMSUNGShort Bytes: Samsung, one of the world’s largest PC-makers is asking its customers to avoid Windows 10 upgrade. The company isn’t doing so due to some Windows 10 privacy concern or spying issue. Instead, Samsung is unable to provide the updated drivers for Windows 10 operating systems and advising its users to stay away from it.

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned to convince people to use its latest operating system by pushing the free Windows 10 installation offer for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The company didn’t hesitate to make sneaky attempts to slip Windows 10 update into the systems.

Well, the free Windows 10 upgrade offer is coming to an end this July 29. As a result, Redmond wants more and more people to shift to this new operating system in the next two months. Meanwhile, if you are willing to grab the free upgrade even after July 29, Microsoft has left a little window open and we’re also here to help you with a trick.

But, Microsoft bosses definitely won’t be happy with Samsung, one of the largest makers of personal computers. The South Korean tech giant is actually advising its customers to ditch the Windows 10 upgrade.

If you are wondering about the reason behind this advice by Samsung, it’s related to Samsung’s own incompetency. To run any piece of software on your machine, you need to make your hardware compatible by installing proper drivers.

To run any piece of software on your machine, you need to make your hardware compatible by installing proper drivers.

Many users have reported fragile functioning of vital features like wireless and Bluetooth after upgrading to Windows 10. Surprisingly, a user has received a frank email from the company saying that Samsung doesn’t recommend anyone to update its machines to Windows 10.

The company also fails to provide some deadline for the certified drivers for Windows 10 and asks the people to contact Microsoft.

Being one of the biggest consumer electronics companies around, it has the resources to test and develop new drivers. However, the company chooses to ignore the complaints and such negligence from an OEM like Samsung is completely unacceptable.

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