Safety Check: This New iOS 16 Feature Can Help You After A Messy Breakup

It will let you audit who has permission for your passwords and apps and cut them off instantly

This New iOS 16 Feature Can Help You After A Messy Breakup
Image Credit: Apple

Apple stated during its WWDC 2022 event that iOS 16 would have a new feature called Safety Check. The new function aims to safeguard people who are in a not-so-great relationship. Within Safety Checks, users can quickly turn off others’ access to their information.

Users can use Safety Check in iOS 16 to monitor app access and passwords and find out who has their passwords and personal information. It will make it easier for people in abusive situations to break links with their abusive partners across devices.

You can accomplish this by assessing and revoking access for specific individuals. You also get something called Manage Sharing & Access within Safety check. It allows users to customize which people and apps can access their information.

iOS 16’s ‘Safety check’ will let you keep your stuff private

This New iOS 16 Feature Can Help You After A Messy Breakup
Image Credit: Apple

In the iPhone settings, the feature says:

If circumstances or trust levels change, Safety Check allows you to digitally separate from those you no longer want to be connected to.

Revoking access for individuals will remove data like Find My, location, data, contacts, and other apps. You can also utilize the Emergency Reset function, which resets access for all individuals and apps on your iCloud-connected devices at once.

You may also use this feature to check your security settings. Here’s a clip of the Safety Check section from the apple event for your better understanding.

When Safety Check is turned on, it disables Find My’s location sharing and resets the iPhone’s privacy permissions for each app. You may prevent others from viewing your communications by checking out iCloud on other devices. Furthermore, SMS and FaceTime are limited to the device in the user’s hand.

Apple has always been a keen promoter of privacy over the years. They previously launched the privacy report feature in iOS 15, which lets users know what apps use their microphones, cameras, and location.

Do you like this new safety check feature that ios 16 brings? Comment below.

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