Safari Team Wants Your Advice So It Doesn’t Become The Next Internet Explorer

Safari wants to redeem itself.

Safari team
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The Safari team is asking for user feedback on Twitter, asking for current and past unresolved bugs. Apple Evangelist Jen Simmons has asked users for specific feedback on Safari and improving it.

Jen’s tweet says, “Everyone in my mentions saying Safari is the worst, and it’s the new IE…”. She’s asking for specific bugs and missing support that frustrates users. The tweet has been positively received, with people responding with bugs and queries.

Safari bugs and fixes

MacRumors first reported the tweet. Apple and Safari bugs have had a relatively active cat and mouse relationship in the past couple of years. Just recently, a Safari bug was leaking users’ Google account data. Before that, too, users had been actively complaining about websites lagging, not loading, and other Safari bugs.

The Safari team asks for feedback to stop it from becoming the next Internet Explorer. While the infamous Windows browser is now dead, the reference is a nightmare for Safari developers.

However, Jen’s tweet tackles something important. She has directly asked users, “What do you want us to tackle first?” If the feedback cycle goes correctly, the Safari team will have their hands full with things they need to fix in their browser.

There’s also that browsers like Google Chrome are not RAM hogs anymore, so they’re viable replacements for Safari. DuckDuckGo has also hinted at a desktop browser, which means we’re going to get another privacy-focused Safari alternative.

All of this considered, Safari still packs some exciting features. iCloud Private Relay and other privacy controls offer privacy without compromising the browsing experience. With iOS 15, Apple also introduced multiple privacy controls spanning across its device ecosystem.

Have you encountered any Safari bugs lately? If yes, share it with us in the comments section, and make sure you share it with Safari developers.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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