Russian Tech Workers Are Fleeing And Causing A Tech ‘Brain Drain’

Russian Tech Workers are fleeing the country in huge numbers!

Russian Tech Workers Are Fleeing And Giving It A Tech 'Brain Drain'
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Russian tech workers are fleeing the country in huge numbers. Russia doesn’t seem to be a safe place to build tech businesses anymore. Many big tech companies pulled out their Russian employees via chartered flights to safe locations in nearby countries including Armenia.

Why are Russian tech workers leaving the country?

Ever since Russia waged a war against Ukraine, tech companies have been evacuating their workforce from Russia. A venture capitalist arranged two chartered flights which evacuated over 300 IT and tech industry professionals out of Russia.

Similar stories of the mass exodus of tech workers are coming from Russia every day. A Russian industry group estimates that over 50,000 tech workers had fled the country. Moreover, 70,000 to 1,00,000 more people may abandon Russia in the coming weeks.

The main reason is the uncertainty of the future in Russia. Vladimir Putin’s rash decisions will have a long-lasting effect on the Russian economy. The country is already exercising stern control over social media and internet freedom, both of which are crucial for tech workers.

Russia bolstered its tech industry in the last two decades but one bad decision is causing a historic brain drain.

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Will Russia recover from this brain drain?

Experts state that Russia will experience a major setback due to this historic brain drain. Russian tech workers are among the smartest tech industry professional in the world.

As more and more of them move out of Russia, the country will lose its nation-building workforce. Technology and computers form the backbone of every industry today and they will become more prevalent in the next decade.

Russia will lose out on a lot of potential entrepreneurs who would have built global-level companies in Russia. The economical ramifications would be so drastic that the government might have to force tech education.

Mikhail V. Mishustin, the prime minister of Russia, encouraged tech professionals to contribute to building the country’s own ecosystem He said, “The motherland gave you all you need to do your work. You will be able to work reliably and calmly for your country, for your company, earn normal money, and live here comfortably.” However, these assurances fall short as the very Russian tech workers are not interested in building a closed internet country like China.

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