This Website Monitors Recent Sanctions Put On Russia By The West And Allies

Russia is currently the most sanctioned country in the world.

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There is a website, “,” that monitors the sanctions imposed on Russia since the latter’s ongoing quarrel began with Western nations. Not only that, its dashboard represents interesting data charts that give insights into the war of sanctions against Putin’s country.

The website collects all its data from various sources and uses automation to display it in a meaningful form. It shows the sanctions data since February 22nd, which is when the spree of sanctions started.

According to, the required data comes from 900+ watchlists that span 200+ countries and 8 different categories, including sanctions, export control, contract debarment, etc. Although the website checks the watchlists for any changes every 5 minutes, the dashboard charts that reflect the data are updated daily.

Breaking down the graphs currently available on the website, it appears that most sanctions on Russia come from Switzerland (568). The European Union is a close second with 518 sanctions, followed by France with 512 sanctions against Russia. The U.S. currently has 243 active sanctions targeting the Kremlin.

Owing to all the sanctions above, Russia now sits atop the list of the world’s most sanctioned nations. After gaining 2,778 new sanctions since February 22nd, the Eurasian country’s tally has reached a total of 5,532. The second position on this list is Iran, with 3,616 sanctions. Whereas Syria takes third spot with 2,608 sanctions).

All in all, offers an interesting look into the boycott of Russia by the West and its allies. It expertly puts raw data into a form that better understands how things have changed in the past few weeks.

Priye Rai

Priye Rai

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