Russia Is Running Out Of Cloud Storage!

Russia cloud storage running out
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The Russia-Ukraine war is in its third week, and Russia is reportedly running out of cloud storage. Russia’s cloud storage is likely to fill up in the next two months, meaning the country may have to shut down non-essential cloud services.

Western big tech companies are leaving Russia, halting business with the country. The giants include Google, Meta, and Apple, which have suspended services, including cloud storage in Russia. The country is also facing difficulty importing equipment from China as the Russian currency continues to plummet.

Emergency meeting on Russian Cloud storage

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Russian news outlet Kommersant reports that Russia held a meeting about the approaching cloud storage shortage on March 9. Russia’s Ministry of Digital Transformation held this meeting, and the attendees included representatives of big Russian companies like Rosetelecom, Croc, and Yandex.

Another source told Kommersant that “two truckloads of servers from a foreign vendor entered the country, but they refused to give them to us, citing sanctions.” That means Russia probably can’t create more storage to meet its demand.

Government sources told the news outlet that Google and Amazon’s departure means more load on domestic data storage. If the war and sanctions continue, Russia won’t meet its cloud storage demands in the next two months. As a result, we can expect non-essential services like music and video streaming platforms to blackout Russia.

What does this mean for Russian People?

Russia has already imposed bans on Instagram and sued Facebook, which has pushed more users to domestic services. That alone is a massive load for Russian servers.

This could spell serious trouble for the Russian people as most work relies on cloud storage. The loss of music and video streaming services also means that Russia could plummet into an internal blackout. If that happens, the state media can control the narrative, further gaslighting the people.

However, it would be the least of anyone’s concern as the scenario can only happen if the war lasts two more months. If it stretches, the loss of life and resources will tower over the loss of cloud storage.

Source: XDA Developers

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