Russian Government Planning To Replace All Of Its Windows Computers With Linux

linux os russia

linux os russia

Short Bytes: The Russian government is planning to replace all of its Windows-powered computers with some Linux distribution. The government has justified this decision by stating that American technology companies like Google and Microsoft need to pay more taxes.

It seems that Russian government is planning to switch over to the Linux-powered computers in all of its government offices. The government probably is making this move betting on an unknown GNU/Linux distribution.

This was revealed during a recent interview when Russian government’s German Klimenko targeted American companies like Microsoft and Google, demanding that they should pay more taxes. During the interview, Mr. Klimenko said that now is the right time to replace Microsoft Windows with Linux operating system.

Microsoft’s Windows is the most used operating system in Russia. The government is planning to paint about 22,000 municipal authorities in the color of Linux. While Windows 10 was already facing flak in Russia over privacy issues, adoption of an open source alternative to Microsoft Windows is expected to deliver a big blow to the big guys at Redmond.

In the past, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has expressed his wish to move to open source software and adoption of a Linux-based operating system by 2015.

It would be interesting to see which Linux OS Russia is planning to adopt. Stay tuned with us, we’ll be keeping you updated about this big win of the open source philosophy.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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    It wouldn’t be surprising, really. It does the job just as well and I understand that they don’t wish to depend on an American company, like Microsoft… especially given the concern of hidden backdoors, which everyone knows about. From a National Defense point-of-view, this is a logical decision.

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    Bill Gates/Microsoft has done very little in respects to new technology development. The truth is Bill Gates/Microsoft tried suppressing Mozilla Firefox which is the better browser in comparison to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer; Don’t even get me started on Microsoft Edge which is the clunkiest browser of all the browsers.

    Instead of protecting the fortune of Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Office, Bill Gates Microsoft could have supported Open Source instead of gauging millions of computer users out of billions. Bill Gates/Microsoft suppressed new technologies by fighting its competitors and charging enormous licensing fees. Bill Gates/Microsoft now wants to be humanitarian only after fleecing the world of billions,

    This is the reason that I love LINUX and I am encouraged by the Russian Government’s decision to make the move to LINUX.

    The neat thing about it from the Russian Government;s point view is that LINUX is FREE and always will be… F-U Bill Gates/Microsoft!

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