Russia Disconnects From Global Internet To Test Its Own Internet


On Monday, the Russin government announced that it has successfully disconnected the country from the global internet in a bid to test its own internet infrastructure.

As we informed our users in the past, Russia is working on its indigenous internet. In a series of tests conducted over last week, it successfully connected to it without requiring access to the global DNS system and what we call the Internet.

The tests involved government agencies and local internet provider companies. The homegrown internet called RuNet came out to be successful as internet traffic was rerouted internally to it.

Now, RuNet is the world’s largest intranet in the world.

According to Alexei Sokolov, deputy head of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media said, “It turned out that, in general, that both authorities and telecom operators are ready to effectively respond to possible risks and threats and ensure the functioning of the Internet and the unified telecommunication network in Russia.

The officials didn’t reveal any specific details about the technicalities involved in the tests. Several Russian news agencies reported that in a series of tests, multiple disconnection scenarios were tested to ensure that the intranet is capable of sustaining itself without external internet. One of the tests involved a situation where Russia faces a cyberattack from a foreign country.

Russia is steamrolling itself towards its homegrown technology. Earlier this month, the Russian government announced its plans to create its own Wikipedia and will invest $31 million for the same. In November, Russia passed a bill that will ban the sale of smartphones without pre-installed Russian software.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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