Clicking This Website’s Search Button Can Put You On A Government Watch List


ruin my search historyShort Bytes: Ruin My Search History is a website that you should avoid visiting. If you open the website and click on the search button, your search history gets filled with a list of embarrassing search terms and some of them are even related to ISIS, penis, and Donald Trump.

You shouldn’t be surprised to know that Google remembers everything you’ve ever searched for. With the help of its algorithms and complex analytics tools, it knows about you more than any other person in the world.

You might be knowing that searching for some sensitive terms might result in your government coming after you. How about searching for “how to join ISIS” or “how to make a bomb”? Just kidding, don’t do that!

By coupling these sensitive searches with some other embarrassing terms like “why doesn’t my poo float”, “how to kill someone hypothetically”, “is incest illegal in this country” etc., a website is here to ruin your search history.

Ruin My Search History (no cookie for guessing the name) is created by a developer named Jon. He says that hundreds of thousands of people have ruined their search history till now and more than 25% of people avoid clicking on the scary search button.

Here’s an advice, open the website in Incognito Mode if you can’t control the urge to do so.

The other disgusting search phrases that you receive as an unwanted gift include “homemade lube?”, “smelly penis cure urgent?”, “sex shop in my city” etc.

Here’s the full list of Google searches performed by this website. Oh, and also — it includes Bing.

  • ‘how to appear funny’
  • ‘why are my thumbs uneven’
  • ‘am i lack toast and tolerant’
  • ‘your youre difference’
  • ‘why doesn’t my poo float’
  • ‘midget google images’
  • ‘tall midgets??’
  • ‘homemade lube?’
  • ‘i hate my boss’
  • ‘what counts as fat’
  • ‘how to tell partner they fat’
  • ‘is it normal to still love my ex’
  • ‘how to get back with ex’
  • ‘penis remove dog how to’
  • ‘romantic ways to propose’
  • ‘engagement rings’
  • ‘sex shop in my city’
  • ‘how to tell if partner cheating’
  • ‘ways to kill someone hypothetically’
  • ‘undetectable poisons’
  • ‘how to delete search history in browser’
  • ‘ashley madison hack’
  • ‘view ashley madison list’
  • ‘ashley madison list my city’
  • ‘paternity test’
  • ‘mail order paternity test’
  • ‘attracted to mother why’
  • ‘is incest illegal in this country’
  • ‘latest laws incest’
  • ‘seduction guide’
  • ‘rohypnol safe dosage’
  • ‘smelly penis cure urgent’
  • ‘common STIs’
  • ‘STI test in my city’
  • ‘average penis size this country’
  • ‘do penis pumps work’
  • ‘best budget penis pumps’
  • ‘does liking men mean im gay’
  • ‘signs of being gay’
  • ‘how to come out as gay to dad’
  • ‘age of consent here’
  • ‘why is age of consent so old here’
  • ‘country low age of consent’
  • ‘flights philippines’
  • ‘isis application form’
  • ‘how to join isis’
  • ‘cheap syria flights from here’
  • ‘syria hotels with pool’
  • ‘bing’
  • ‘donald trump’

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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