Ruby 2.4 Programming Language Released | New Features & Download


Short Bytes: The Ruby Project has released of Ruby 2.4 programming language. Version 2.4 brings many new features like unified integers, faster hashes, better rounding, OpenSSL 1.1.0 support, etc. The interested users can read the complete changelog and find download links on Ruby’s website.

Continuing the tradition of releasing a new version of their programming language, the Ruby Project has gifted us Ruby 2.4.

Ruby 2.4.0 is the first stable release of the Ruby 2.4 series, and it encompasses many exciting new features like unified integers, better rounding, and faster hashes.

New features in Ruby 2.4

Ruby 2.4 has introduced the internal structure of hash table by inculcating an inclusion order array and open addressing.

A new native runtime invocation for the IRB REPL, binding.irb, now ships with Ruby. Now one can use binding.pry to launch a REPL and run any Ruby code.

Compared to the previously used 3 classes to handle different types of integers, Ruby 2.4 unifies the Fixnum and Bignum into a single concrete class Integer.

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In Ruby 2.4, string supports Unicode case mappings instead of only ASCII case mappings.

The other notable change comes in the form of support for OpenSSL 1.1.0.

For the complete list of features, read Ruby 2.4 release announcement. The download links can also be found on the same page.

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