Made In India 5v5 'Rogue Heist' Game Available For Android

MPL Rogue Heist, the made in India 5v5 tactical shooter game, is now available for Android. However, the game is in early Beta, so don’t expect the graphics and gameplay mechanics of ‘Rogue Heist’ to be perfect.

However, with time, the mobile game is going to improve. The developers will fix bugs and add new content in ‘Rogue Heist’ depending on players’ feedback.

MPL Rogue Heist: Everything You Need To Know

Rogue Heist is developed by LifeLike Studios and published by Mobile Premier League (MPL). Initially, Rogue Heist Early Access was available for PC on Steam. However, mid-way, the developers decided to focus on the mobile version of the game. So, now we have an Android version of the game available on the Google Play Store.

In Rogue Heist, players can unlock 8 specialists with unique appearances. Also, it’s expected that the developers will release more specialists in the future.

As of game modes, MPL Rogue Heist features three playable modes, i.e., Heist Mode, Brawl, and Gang War.

Heist Mode

In this mode, two teams go against each other to complete the same objective. Players in each team have to go through a series of events to come out as a winner.


As the name dictates, in Brawl game mode, all players have to play aggressively. The objective is to transfer the highest amount of money in your account while also surviving against other players.

Gang War

Gang War is basically similar to the Deathmatch mode in PUBG Mobile. In this game mode, two teams fight against each other to get the maximum numbers of kills within 7 minutes.

Sadly, Rogue Heist doesn’t feature a battle royale mode. That’s why portraying ‘Rogue Heist’ as a PUBG Mobile alternative isn’t right. However, even in early access, the game is fun to play. And if the developers work on improving the game, it could become more popular.

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