RIP iPod, Google I/O & Project Cambria: What Happened This Week?

A lot launched in a short time.

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This week kicked off with news of scam call centers getting glitter bombs. Then we learned that Samsung is making a 200MP camera for the Galaxy S23, and then came Google I/O, which took the Google ecosystem a notch above.

Meta also showed off a new VR headset that could be the next big thing for VR enthusiasts. The drama continues over Musk’s Twitter acquisition, and WD accidentally sold its top-tier hard disks for $1.

So here’s your concise weekly tech news roundup, where you’ll find everything you need to know about tech this week.

Weekly tech-news roundup

Everything announced on Google I/O

Google I/O is an annual event where Google announces its new products, services, and features for the coming year. This year, Google launched many AI updates like LaMDA 2 and PaLM, the new Pixel 6a, the Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro.

The company also teased the Google Pixel 7, coming later this year. And then, out of the blue, Google teased the Pixel tablet, that’ll launch next year.

Other than Android 13, Google is also launching a new Google Wallet app, an immersive view for Maps, and a revamped Android Auto experience.

However, Google saved the best for the last. At the end of Pichai’s speech on AI, Google showed off Google AR glasses, a prototype of spectacles that add subtitles to your real life.

Meta’s new direction

Facebook changed its name to Meta, and it is now aggressively setting sail to Metaverse. On Friday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a new VR headset, Project Cambria, which could bring out an all-new mixed reality experience.

However, this won’t be an easy road as analysts predict VR headset prices are likely to soar. The competition is also catching up as Apple is rapidly winning AR glass patents, closely followed by Google, which has already shown off a prototype.

Meta is also testing out NFTs on Instagram with some creators in the U.S.

R.I.P. iPod; iPhone rumors, and Apple’s patent spree

First Generation iPod Music Player

We always knew this day was coming, but we hoped it wouldn’t. The iPod is officially dead, and Apple said the spirit of the iPod will live on through the entire Apple ecosystem.

iPhone rumors are something that keeps rattling the internet. This week, there were leaks about the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max display sizes, with an under-display Face ID coming soon. Leaks also say that the iPhone will ditch the Lightning port by 2023.

Apple has also won several patents, including a patent for a super-fast under-display Touch ID. The company also patented iPhone cases with changeable UI. And at last, Tony Fadell, the father of the iPod, told us how Steve Jobs didn’t want a SIM slot on the original iPhone.

Shakedown on Twitter

Twitter job cuts
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

The whole world is watching Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, as it could mean a pivotal step in the future of social media. But the platform is trying to maintain normalcy while every move is under a microscope.

This past week, we first found out that Elon Musk is under SEC and FTC probe because of inconsistencies in how he tried to take over Twitter. Then, just yesterday, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal fired 2 top executives in a memo.

One of these firing, Twitter’s head of product, was especially odd since he was on his paternity leave when Agrawal asked to break the news.

Later the same day, Elon Musk broke the news that he was putting the Twitter deal on hold because of the company’s estimates about spam and fake accounts. While Musk reassured me he’s still committed to acquiring Twitter, this hold-up could end up with him getting a price cut.

But on the lighter side of things, Twitter released a privacy game, data dash, that can show you around Twitter’s privacy policies if you ignore the migraine you can get by playing it.

Phones, laptops, and more

Nothing Phone 1 Retail Partners
Image: Nothing

The weekly tech news roundup will be incomplete if we don’t discuss the gadgets and gizmos of this week. Microsoft has released a set of adaptive accessories that let you customize your keyboard and mouse controls.

Lenovo has launched two powerful gaming laptops. Coming to phones, nothing has started rolling out the Nothing Launcher beta to Android 11 phones. The company also announced channels through which it will sell the Nothing Phone (1).

Motorola is also reportedly working on a new design for the next-gen Razr foldable phone. Lastly, Sony launched the much-awaited WH1000 XM5 headphones, which succeeded the XM4, the current gold standard in the headphone segment.

The sixth weekly tech news roundup – What else?

This week also saw a couple of lawsuits. Tinder owner, Match Group, sued Google Play Store for its in-app purchase policy. An ex-Facebook content moderator sued Meta for poor work conditions.

Samsung launched the next-gen CXL memory module to deliver faster storage for servers. The company is also developing a new 200MP camera sensor for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Samsung’s name also came up in a study that showed the Galaxy S22 flagship loses its value 3 times faster than the same-gen iPhone lineup.

In other news, AT&T has started location-based emergency calls, so if you dial 911, it’ll connect you to the nearest helpline.

Coming to self-driving cars, active self-driving cars failed the AAA safety testing in the U.S. Cars rammed into cyclists during the test. Thankfully, only dummies were hurt in the process.

That’s all in this weekly tech news roundup. Do let us know in the comments which of the above announcements you’re looking forward to. Happy weekend!

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