Riot Games Is Testing Out A New Way Of Detecting Smurfs In Valorant

Smurfing is one of the most common issues in Valorant!

Riot Games Is Testing Out A New Way Of Detecting Smurfs In Valorant
Image: Riot Games

An issue plaguing FPS games for a long period is smurfing. However, what if we told you that Riot Games has been working on eliminating smurfs from Valorant? According to the latest patch notes, Valorant could get a smurf detection sometime soon.

While the patch notes typically contain bug fixes and new introductions to maps, and the addition of new agents, patch 5.01 will contain something more. A fix that the ranked players have been asking for so long now. A way to deal with smurfing in Valorant.

For the uninitiated, smurf refers to the players and player accounts that play at a much lower elo than their actual elo. This means that it is called smurfing when a player with a higher rank plays in a lobby filled with players of lower ranks, ultimately gaining an advantage over them. As for elo, it is a type of rating system for players based on their in-game skills; however, no official graph or system in Valorant can tell a player their elo.

Meanwhile, introducing a smurf detector in Valorant could do wonders for the game. First, the Valorant patch note 5.01 explains that the new smurf detection system will first be tested in the North American region. Furthermore, the system will take a very simple yet strong approach to detect smurf accounts in valorant. The new valorant smurf detection system will consider a new account’s performance and match them up with the players of their respective skills much faster than before.

We hope the new system will work to eliminate smurfs from the lower elo lobbies in Valorant competitive matches. If not, the new system might place each in both teams to balance things out, considering how frustrating it gets to play against players of higher ranks in a lower-rank lobby.

In addition to the new smurf detection system in Valorant, patch notes 5.01 will bring some changes to agents, particularly Phoenix, Yoru, and Kay/O, along with some other changes to the gameplay and game modes.

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