Richard Stallman: Bitcoin Doesn’t Protect Privacy; Better Options Are Yet To Come


If you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrency, you must be aware of the fact that Bitcoin is currently facing one of the worst weekly losses since 2013. Currently, it’s trading below $4,000.

In my view, it’s a perfect time to analyze if the current set of cryptocurrencies is our best bet. In a recent interview with CoinDesk, the Free Software founder Richard Stallman echoed similar sentiments.

He said that his dislike for Bitcoin is often attributed to political reasons, but that isn’t the case. As per him, Bitcoin’s poor privacy protections are the reason why he hasn’t used it yet.

“If bitcoin protected privacy, I’d probably have found a way to use it by now”

It’s worth noting that Stallman’s GNU Project has released its own digital payments system called Taler. However, unlike Bitcoin, it’s “about cryptography and not cryptocurrency.

The Taler payments are processed with the help of “openly centralized exchanges” instead of the peer-to-peer network of miners.

You can read the complete interview here.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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