RHEL 6.9 Released, The Last One To Continue The Legacy Of RHEL 6 Family


Short Bytes: The legacy of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is coming to an end with the announcement of the last point release RHEL 6.9. The latest release comes with updated TLS 1.2 and better support for PCI-DSS standard. The updated RHEL 6 base image makes it easier to port RHEL 6 workloads to container-based applications and use them on other platforms. RHEL 6.9 is now available for the RHEL subscribers.

On Monday, the Red Hat inc. announced the last point release, RHEL 6, for their 6-year-old open source Linux distro family which is well-liked among the enterprise users. This also marks the end of the second phase of RHEL 6’s development cycle.

After the Phase 2, RHEL 6 will only receive security updates till 2020 under the Phase 3 which will commence on May 10, 2017. Red Hat’s current focus of development is the RHEL 7 platform which was updated to RHEL 7.3 last year.

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RHEL 6.9 updates the TLS 1.2 protocol to strengthen communication security and offer enhanced support for the PCI-DSS standard – it is widely used for secure online transactions over leading platforms like MasterCard, Visa, etc. This will benefit the retail firms using RHEL 6 on the systems.

With an updated base image, RHEL 6.9 is now compatible with modern native applications designed for cloud platforms. The updated base image makes it easier for the user to shift their RHEL 6 workloads into container-based applications. The applications can be easily deployed on RHEL Atomic Host, RHEL 7, and the OpenShift Container Platform.

The latest RHEL 6.9 update is available for the RHEL subscribers through the Red Hat Customer Portal. The ones wanting to upgrade their systems to RHEL 7 can do so for free as a part of the subscription.

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