Remo Recover – A Tool that Proved Me Wrong


This article gives an overview of Remo Recover, a data recovery software by Remo. The article covers writers’ experience with the tool and provides you with an insight into how the tool works along with its advantages and disadvantages. 

A Virus

The Pandemic has forced all of us indoors and for most of us this has been the longest time spent inside our homes. The negativity around the globe didn’t take long to get into our personal lives, thanks to the high speed internet connection and the obnoxious media. Fear spreads faster than the virus. The cure wasn’t coming anytime soon and the lockdown was taking toll on the economy globally.

Soon the governments lifted travel restrictions, that’s when I got a chance to go out. I picked up my camera and traveled for a week to experience and capture the new normal. 

I did have a great time travelling after so many months and the world had not changed much but the people did. 

A Blunder

I came back home, took out my laptop and connected the SD card to see the photos from my trip. 

A pop up box flashed saying the SD card needs to be formatted and a button to format. 

Guess what? I formatted the SD card to realise the very next second what a blunder I had just committed. 

All my photos from my trip were gone just in a click. I wish I had a backup, I wish I had not clicked on the format. I don’t remember the last time I was angry at myself like this. I had lost all hope and a friend of mine suggested that I try this data recovery tool. 

A Hope

I didn’t trust the tool or the idea of trying a data recovery software, because I had an experience once with a data recovery software which claimed to be free had me scanning my computer for one whole day to say nothing was found. 

However, I decided to give it a try and downloaded Remo Recover, a data recovery software by Remo. 

I went through the features of Remo Recover and here are some of them:

  • Recover Photos from any Camera or Storage Devices
  • Recover More Than 300 File Types 
  • Recover Data from any data loss Scenarios 
  • Recover Photos from formatted SD card
  • Evaluate the tool for free then BUY 

These were some big claims. However, I was still skeptical about using the product until I read that last line, evaluate the tool for free then buy.
This got my attention and I had nothing to lose in trying this tool. 

I downloaded and installed Remo Recover on my computer and started using it as it was a simple user interface with descriptive info on it. 

I had read that to recover data from formatted SD card I need to use their deep scan function. After I clicked on deep scan it took around 30 minutes for the software to list all the files from my SD card.

A Success

I wasn’t able to believe what I just saw on my computer, all the photos from my trip were in front of me now. I previewed them using the preview function and also played some videos. I had got back all my photos using this software. At last, I quickly activated the software and saved the data onto my computer. 

All the data I had lost in one click, I got them back in just few clicks with the help of Remo Recover. 

This is how I happened to know about Remo Recover and this is how Remo Recover- the best photo recovery software proved me wrong. 

Hence, I decided to write this review by sharing my experience with Remo. 

Did Remo live up to all the features it claims?

Post completion of a successful photo recovery from a formatted SD card, I was happy with the software. 

After deciding to write this review their product, I went to their website and got to know about them. Here’s what I learnt from there:

Remo Recover is a flagship tool by Remo Software who are popularly known for their applications related to data protection and management across various devices and platforms. 

I put Remo Recover to test with the help of spare external hard drive I had. 

Following are some of my observations post using the Remo data recovery software for 3 days: 


  • Quickly recovers deleted files to be precise in most cases it took less than a minute.
  • Recovers almost all common file types like JPG, PNG, MOV, MP4, DOCS, PDF, etc. I was surprised to see that it could actually recover RAW photos as well 
  • Recovery from extreme data loss scenarios like formatted hard drive recovery and even data recovery after change in file system. 
  • Provided equal and efficient performance across storage devices, I tried it with both my SD card, external hard drive and internal hard drive.
  • Preview feature which helps us to have a look on all the files that we are trying to recover
  • Although I didn’t use their technical support, a quick glance at their google reviews helped me understand the popularity of their support. 


Unfortunately, I do have some issues with the tool which according to me should be highlighted. 

  • Time taken for complex data recovery process. However this problem is there with every data recovery software but highlighting it because, it really is a pain to wait for long hours. 
  • It looks too simple compared to other tools, pardon me if I am nit picking 

To conclude, my experience with Remo Recover was so far fruitful and I can certainly say the tool has everything in it to satisfy any user. If my review of Remo’s data recovery software helped you in discovering a reliable data recovery software do let them know about it by providing feedback to them.
In case you missed it, Remo Recover is available across all versions of Windows and Mac Operating system. It recovers any file type from any storage devices.

In case you stumble on any questions while using Remo Recover, they also provide a 24/7 free technical assistance. What more can you ask out of a tool that’s trying to help you get back your precious data safely? 

Final Words: 

There are many data recovery tools out there and many that claim to be the best. However, Remo lets you decide who is the best data recovery software by letting you try their software for free. Be it recovering deleted files or recovering lost data from any formatted partitions, choose Remo Recover for a safe and secure data recovery process. 

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