‘Remarriage And Desires’: New K-Drama Shares Sneak Peek Of Characters

The first season of "Remarriage and Desires" is coming to Netflix on Friday, July 15th, 2022.

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Source: Netflix Korea

The upcoming South Korean Netflix Original series “Remarriage & Desires” is all set for a very exciting release, with its teaser out and the cast list revolving around some very talented actors. Written by screenwriter Lee Geus Young (War of the Roses) and directed by Kim Jung Min (Secret Royal Inspector), it has been confirmed that the show will have a total of eight episodes, each running for an hour.

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Remarige and Desires
Source: Soompi

The Plot and the Cast

“Remarriage & Desires” revolves around Rex, a matchmaking agency that specializes in the remarriages of ambitious clients who strive to marry rich spouses. Members of the matchmaking service are ambitious and aspire to upgrade their social status by marrying into the ranks of the elite, in particular those listed under the “Black” tier, an elite group consisting only of 0.001 percent of the population.

Remarriage & Desires Official Trailer | Source: YouTube

Netflix Korea released the characters’ posters for the series, starring Kim Hee Sun, Park Hoon, and Cha Ji Yeon. The director, Jung Min, commented on the role of Kim Hee Sun.

“I was hoping an actress with eyes that could reveal Seo Hye Seung’s complicated inner side [would play the role], and Kim Hee Sun was the perfect one.”

Cha Ji Yeon will play Choi Yoo Seon, the CEO of Rex, which is a top matchmaking agency with its firm logic that “marriage is a business where supply and demand meet” and accurately identifies customers’ needs. Cha Ji Yeon explained that Choi Yoo Seon is a mysterious figure who has the excellent ability to look right through people and is incredibly resourceful. Kim Jung Min mentioned the actress’s overwhelming aura and added,

“I thought [Cha Ji Yeon] would fit well with the role of Choi Yoo Seon who hides her ambitious and controls the upper echelons in her hands.”

The series will accurately discover the themes of desire, and revenge in the setting of upper-class marriage.

The first season of the K-drama Remarriage & Desires is coming to Netflix in July 2022.

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