This Company’s Tech Turns Your Smartphone Screen Into Speakers, Gets Acquired By Google

Google’s acquisitions don’t make headlines these days. It’s not because Google is acquiring uninteresting startups, it’s due to the fact that it happens very frequently. However, I decided to tell you about a recent and interesting deal as it involves a company that turns your phone screens into speakers.

Named Redux, this British company has been developing a panel audio system since 1997; they’re trying to do this by placing an array of vibrating actuators beneath the screen. Just recently they got about 200 patents.

With this technology, Google might work more and eliminate the need for speakers in smartphones. Obviously, it’ll open new design concepts and possibilities for the smartphones of tomorrow.

Google’s recent push into hardware market can’t be ignored. The company can also use this technology for creating haptic feedback and providing a sense of touch on surfaces like screen. The iPhone users know this kind of feedback as 3D touch.

As reported by Bloomberg, it’s unclear when Alphabet acquired Redux. However, the transfer of shares of Redux holding company NVF Tech Ltd. was confirmed on December 13. As per other reports, the deal took place in August.

“A spokesperson for Google declined to comment on a purchase price, or other the details of the acquisition,” as per the report.

What kind of applications of Redux’s technology do you see in future? Share your comments with us and keep reading Fossbytes.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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