You Can ‘Block YouTube Ads’ With This Simple URL Trick


A Redditor has found a simple trick to block YouTube ads that pop up while binge-watching videos. The best part is that this trick to remove YouTube ads doesn’t need any third-party app or an extension or memorizing code sequences.

All you need to do is put an extra period (.) after the .com part of the URL on YouTube. This means that instead of visiting, you will need to enter in the URL bar.

And that’s it! This particular YouTube video will now run without ads. But you must be thinking about how this trick blocks YouTube ads, as in the technical aspect of it.

This is probably happening because of neglect on YouTube’s end to normalize the hostname. The extra period results in no hostname match.

So, adding an extra period to the URL sort of “breaks” the page in a way that displays the main content of the page but removes other stuff like YouTube ads and cookies too. On some news websites, this method can even be used to break through the Paywall.

For now, this trick works on desktop. To use this trick on a mobile browser, you will have to use the desktop version of the page.

But before you rush to binge-watch tons of YouTube videos without ads, please keep in mind that these ads have been put up to support the content creators you love. So whenever you aren’t watching ads, the creator doesn’t get paid.

So even though you have a new loophole to enjoy ad-free YouTube videos, make sure that you continue supporting YouTubers too!

Source: Reddit

Manisha Priyadarshini

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