Are Reddit, Stack Overflow, NYTimes Down? [Update: Issue Identified]


Update: Fastly has been able to identify the issue with its CDN services and is now implementing a fix. As a result, the majority of the services are back online. However, users in some geographical regions might still be facing issues.

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A number of major websites on the internet are facing downtime as a result of a widespread infrastructure outage. These websites include Reddit, New York Times, Stack Overflow, Amazon, UK Govt, etc.

At the time of writing, Reddit is giving a 503 Serice Unavailable error. A similar error is being encountered when accessing, The Guardian, PayPal, etc.

503 Service Unavailable error?

The 503 server response error means that the server isn’t ready to handle the request. The common reasons for the same are down for maintenance or overloading, as per Mozilla developer documentation.

Fastly outage is the reason

The actual reason is the outage of Fastly, which is an edge cloud platform that provides CDN, image optimizations and cloud security features. These websites seem to be using the services of Fastly.

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Ishu Luthra

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