Reddit Beats Facebook To Become The 3rd Most Popular Site In The US

Reddit News Aggregation Site

The front page of the internet has now surpassed Facebook to become the third most popular site in the US. That’s according to the updated stats published by Amazon’s web analytics subsidiary Alexa.

As per the Alexa data, which is updated every three months, a unique visitor on Reddit views around 9 pages and spends more than 15 minutes. For Facebook, the average page view is 4 and time spent is close to 11 minutes.

The downfall in Facebook’s popularity and Reddit’s rise could a be a blowback of the recent series of controversies and scandals that have hounded the company since earlier this year.

But considering the global stats, Facebook is still leading at rank 3 while Reddit is down the list on rank 6. As expected, Google and YouTube are at the top in both the Alexa ranking lists.

Reddit is frequented by people for their daily dose of fresh news and entertainment, and also by internet trolls to pamper their ego.

One of the famous things on Reddit is the AMA sessions where users can ask questions from people, including the likes of Bill Gates, and other tech leaders. The platform also serves as a dumping ground, for instance, the script of GOT Season 8 and other related leaks. Last year, the social news aggregation platform made changes to transform itself into a social network.

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