“RED Hydrogen One” Is The World’s First Holographic Smartphone

red hydrogen one
Image: RED
RED is one of the world’s leading high-end camera companies, which makes cameras worth more than $50,000. Those cameras are favorites of Hollywood directors like James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and Ridley Scott. Now, the company is looking to launch its first smartphone which is expected to “shatter the mold of conventional thinking.”

Called Hydrogen One or RED Hydrogen One, this smartphone will be powered by Android operating system. The company is marketing RED Hydrogen One as the world’s first professional holographic smartphone. But, what does this mean?

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Hydrogen One’s Holographic display will enable holographic multi-view, AR, VR, MR, 2D and 3D content, etc. This way, the company promises to ditch a pair of glasses or headset to view holographic and 3D content.

At the moment, the details regarding Hydrogen One are thin. However, apart from being Android-powered, we know that it’ll feature a 5.7-inch screen. Its publicity document also mentions a proprietary H3O algorithm for converting stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio. Red calls it “5.1 for your headphones.”

Just in case you’re wondering about the price, let me tell you that it’ll cost you a lot. While its titanium version will cost $1,595, its aluminum version will cost $1,195. Please note that RED hasn’t even released a detailed picture of Hydrogen One that can show its actual design.

The RED Hydrogen One is currently available for pre-order. If you have enough bucks to spend on a fancy phone without taking a good look at its specs, build, design, or features, go ahead and place your order here.

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