5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting ‘That’ Interview

It might be time for a crucial introspection!

5 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting The Interview
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We’ve all heard of the talent shortage, right? Workers have more bargaining power than ever. Job openings and quitting rates have shot up in the last year while unemployment fell downward.

So with all of these companies crying out for smart, switched-on staff, why are you getting overlooked before you even get to the interview stage? It can blow confidence, even if you’re fully qualified, and tick off every requirement on the job spec.

Reasons For Not Getting Interviewed

So, we’ve broken it down for you by listing a few of the most common reasons you’re not getting invited to an interview and, more importantly, what you can do about it.

1. The company’s needs might have changed

Over the past few weeks, many employers started scrambling to tighten their budgets due to rising inflation, a looming recession, and drops in the crypto market. Tech giants like Uber and Meta admitted they’re scaling back hiring, while others, including Robinhood, Peloton, and Carvana conducted layoffs.

These unexpected changes can lead companies to halt their hiring process. If, after a few days, you haven’t heard back from the hiring manager, follow up and ask about the official status of the position. Knowing where you stand will help you refocus your efforts.

In the meantime, follow the social media accounts and hashtags of any companies you apply to so you’re up to speed if anything changes. When the pendulum swings back, you can be ready with a polished resumé.

2. You’re overqualified

More experience than is required may seem like a win-win in an applicant’s eye. Still, for an employer, it can make them second guess your motives for applying – are you looking at this position as a stepping stone, do you want an easy life and won’t bring 100%, will you get bored easily, or are you gathering intel before your next move?

While none of this may be true, overqualified applicants can sow a seed of doubt, leading to not getting an interview. This is where your cover letter needs to work particularly hard. Outline your motives for applying for this role and explain why it excites you. Address your experience and explain where you can add value to the company in any unexpected ways.

3. Your resumé has typos

Avoid Resume Typos

It sounds like a petty reason to disqualify a well-rounded applicant, but think about what a document with errors says about you as a candidate – detail is not your strong point, or you rush your work with little thought for the finished product.

Proofread your resume and cover letter out loud a couple of times to make sure they’re free of mistakes. Pass it through grammarly.com, a free online writing assistant. Or better yet, seek a mentor, friend, or family member to review your documents before sending them to any potential employer.

4. Something’s missing

Often applicants can focus so much on tailoring their resumé that they completely neglect the importance of the cover letter. This is your chance to expand on the skills and qualifications you offer.

The goal is to sell yourself to an employer by showcasing your actions to benefit previous organizations you’ve worked for. Describing what you can bring to your potential employer heightens your chances of getting an interview.

5. Location, Location, Location

While the proliferation of remote roles is promising, some companies are yet to catch up with all that this means. Often, they want you remote but will need you to visit the office a few times a month. So if you live outside the company’s area, you may get passed over.

Double-check the job spec and if your current location doesn’t make for an easy commute, explain in your cover letter any plans you might have to relocate or how you’d manage in-person office days. 

Let’s get you hired!

If this helps you get your head back in the game, here are some great open roles currently hiring:

Rockstar Games is on the lookout for a talented Machine Learning Engineer

If you’re passionate about applying Machine Learning to various audio-related applications to create unique player experiences, this is the role for you. This is a full-time permanent position based out of Rockstar’s unique game development studio in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The successful applicant would be welcomed to a dedicated and inclusive environment to learn and collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry. If that sounds exciting, get your application in.

Indeed is advertising for the role of Principal Software Engineer – SMB 

Based out of Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, or remote, Indeed is looking for a Principal Software Engineer to join its growing team and roster of products. It’s a unique opportunity to build a greenfield application from the ground up. It would also help collaborate across different organizations and work with a highly data-driven cross-functional team. Ready for the challenge? Click apply and let the company know what you have to offer. 

Electronic Arts is seeking a Sr Technical Program Manager – Cloud & Infrastructure

As Sr. Technical Program Manager For Electronic Arts, you will define and manage technology programs. Responsibilities include managing milestones, success criteria, resource allocation, and successful on-time delivery needed for physical server data center hosting, cloud migration for hosting and services, and automation that delivers optimized workflows for provisioning, observability, and fleet management for games and services. Up to the job? Hone that cover letter today.

Discover even more open opportunities and hone your application skills today via the Fossbytes Job Board, where thousands of jobs await. 

By Rosaleen McMeel, Director of Publishing, Amply 

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