Realme Smart TV Stick With Android 11 Launched In India

Realme Smart TV Stick launched in India.

Realme Smart TV Stick with Android 11 launched
Image: Realme

Realme launched the Realme Smart TV Stick along with numerous other products. It is a slight step down from the original 4K Smart Google TV Stick. The former allowed streaming on 4K devices and had Google TV OS. This one comes with the Android 11 operating system. Moreover, HDR10+ support and 60fps streaming are also included with the device.

Realme Smart TV Stick specifications

The design of the new TV Stick remains identical to its predecessor. It plugs into the HDMI port and is a compact device that resembles a flash drive. It will draw power from a USB Type-C cable.

Realme Smart TV Stick: Connectivity

The new streaming stick comes with HDMI 2.0 connectivity which reduces latency issues and is fit for the basic LED and OLED displays. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect and pair with remote and other compatible devices.

realme smart tv stick


Realme Smart TV Stick employs a quad-core ARM processor with 1 GB RAM. The storage capacity remains the same as the 4K Smart Google TV Stick. However, the 8GB storage capacity isn’t aplenty. But it will suffice for most streaming apps on the device. Being an Android 11 device, most regional and global streaming apps are downloadable from the Play Store.


It is a plug-and-play streaming device that converts a regular, non-smart TV into a smart TV. You can then use Android 11 on this stick to download apps and games.

Secondly, Realme’s new TV Stick supports Full HD resolution and can stream content in 1080p at 60 fps. So, you can watch 60 FPS YouTube videos without slowdowns and awkward stutters. It also offers HDR10+ support, which will improve the viewing experience.

Lastly, the Realme Smart TV Stick is available at INR 2,999. Keep in mind that this may be an introductory price that could inflate in the future. You can get it for INR 2999 in the sale on 13 April 2022. Also, it is pointless to use it with a non-smart 4K TV. For that, the 4K Smart Google TV Stick is better.

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