‘Real or Fake’, Don’t Bother You Can’t Tell The Difference



Short Bytes: Recent study shows that humans are awful when it comes at spotting fake digital images. From 383 participants, almost all of those got it wrong for most of the time.

So, you think you have a discerning eye, quite a Sherlock, eh? Well, I think I have too, but the researchers community beg to differ. In a new study by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul researchers’, it has come to light that the human capacity of deduction is greatly downsized when it comes to spotting fake images.

The researchers’ team created a set of 177 images from the public forensic databases to show it to the participants in the study. Out of these 177 images, 97 were fake, some were quite easy to spot while some utilized good photoshopping skills. There were 383 people who took part in the study aged between 21 to 35 years.

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Well, taking into account that most of those had the experience of the digital world and seen numerous photoshop fails on the social media, the results were quite surprising. The researchers’ checked 17,208 responses from all the participants and the success rate…46.5% for identifying the modified images.

Now, the figure is quite bad since most of the people spotted editing in the perfectly authentic pictures, whereas in some cases the blatant forgeries were missed (Sherlock huh).

On asking about the reasons for missing the fakes, the participants excused themselves by blaming the images to be too cluttered or they did not examine “that” part in the image.

Well, what can we say! Keep Practicing..

source: arxiv

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