These “Real Life Iron Men” Documented Their Stunts In Jetpack Suits; Watch Trailer

Jetman documantary

Tony Stark’s Ironman suit has inspired many to build their own jetpack suits. Inspired by the desire to “fly like a bird,” Jetman Yves Rossy and his two apprentices Fred and Vince Reffet successfully attempted a jetpack launch from the ground.

The team’s website describes ‘Jetman Dubai‘ as “the journey that will create a future for individuals flying with Jet-wings and that will one day change the way we experience the world.”

They have released a trailer for the documentary named Loft: The Jetman Story which showcases their dangerous stunts. The documentary has been produced in collaboration with XDubai. The trailer includes the trio’s flight through the Fjords of Norway and the team attempting their maiden launch from the ground unlike their previous launches from high ramps in the mountains or helicopters and airplanes.

Watch the trailer for yourself —

The trailer shows some exhilarating high-speed visuals of the trio gliding through the mountains. These stunts involve extreme risk as one has to respond immediately if something goes wrong, as per Reffet.

This is not the first time the team has performed some dangerous stunts wearing a jetpack suit. Previously, they have garnered attention by flying at high speed around an Airbus A380 Super Jet and world-famous Burj Khalifa.

The flight recorded in the documentary has been deemed the “first step towards autonomous flight” by the team. However, here autonomous refers to the personal flight rather than a computer controlled one.

The documentary is in the production phase, and the film is expected to be released soon.

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