Read How Smart Glasses Are Helping Elderly People Shop From Their Homes In Japan

Read How Smart Glasses Are Helping Elderly People Shop From Their Homes
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Smart glasses in Japan are helping elderly people shop online from the comfort of their homes. In Japan’s Lizuna, an employee at a 7-Eleven convenience store wears a set of futuristic-looking glasses in this tranquil Japanese village surrounded by apple orchards.

The so-called “smart glasses” record the shelves from the perspective of the cashier. It transmits the footage in real-time to the consumer viewing from a smartphone or tablet at home. The location is displayed on the smart glasses when a customer taps an item on the gadget; guiding the salesperson to choose the item.

Why do the elderly need smart glasses in japan?

Read How Smart Glasses Are Helping Elderly People Shop From Their Homes
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Customers, who are mostly older shoppers and housebound, receive the shipment after ordering. At the beginning of June, orders were taken once a week. During the first two weeks, 13 seniors (60 and older) used the program.

As per reports, Ryusuke Kasai, who promotes digital innovation for Lizuna, a town in central Nagano Prefecture, noted that people might receive assistance through voice chat, which makes for a smooth shopping experience.

According to Shota Fujikawa at Toppan’s digital Business Architecture Center, RemoPick smartglasses were initially created as a tool for senior farmers to teach younger farmers how to grow apples from the comfort of their own homes. Digital transformation of the agricultural industry was the goal here.

Iizuna has a growing number of elderly citizens and a population that is gradually becoming grayer. Access to the base of Mount Iizuna is particularly challenging. With on-demand buses, Iizuna tried to remedy the issue; however, there aren’t many vehicles available. The elderly are slowly taking advantage of convenience stores’ increasing online delivery capabilities.

The town decided to test RemoPick as a simple remote shopping solution at that point. In preparation for a potential full-scale launch as early as fiscal 2023; the trial will last through July, and a second test will begin in September.

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